Apple iPhone 8 Price in India

Apple Iphone 8 price and Spec

Apple iPhone 8 launch is nearly upon us as Apple has sent out press invites for an event at the new Steve Jobs Theater at its new ‘spaceship’ campus in Cupertino, California on September 12.

Apple iPhones that will come out this year is unlikely to be called the iPhone 8. This is because Apple sticks to traditions. They have stuck to the same naming scheme for 8 years already, and the reason for them to stray away from this naming scheme better be a good enough that one. Behold, the tenth-anniversary special phone that will come alongside the iPhone 7S. Simply skipping the 7S and calling it iPhone 8 is going to be very lame for Apple.

So We are going to assume the iPhone 8 you are referring to is the tenth anniversary special iPhone. Since it is a celebratory phone, Apple has a compelling reason to make it a high-end luxury phone that will become a new practice for smartphone manufacturers. The “flagship” smartphones that we see today such as the iPhone 7 and the Samsung Galaxy S8 are instantaneously going to become mid tier because of the entrance of the special iPhone.

Since it is targetted towards the luxury market, it has to look fancy and pretty, which is why I predict the iPhone 7S will look mostly the same as the iPhone 7. Since people are getting tired of the same design for a fourth year, the iPhone 7S will bring more contrast and shine to the anniversary iPhone. Desirability is the key here.

Another factor that enhances desirability is pricing. When something is out of one’s reach, it usually becomes more desirable for the person. Since Apple’s long term goal is to become a high-end luxury brand like a Gucci and LV, be prepared for a huge price tag on the new special phone.

Ultimately, Apple will price the special tenth anniversary iPhone higher than the starting price of today’s iPhones to bring its status as a luxury brand to a whole new level

As it is seen from the last couple of years that Apple set the price of new iPhone as $649 for the smaller one and $749 for the bigger one. iPhone 7Plus is a bit costly than $749.

So as expected the price of iPhone 7S or 8 (whatever it is) is $649 for the smaller version and about $749 for the bigger one.


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