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How To Earn Money From BlogSpot or Blog?

Online Earn Money From Blogging

If you’re looking to earn money from a BlogSpot blog – so essentially turn BlogSpot blogging into a business – then you’re really on the wrong blogging platform in the first place.Why? Firstly, you don’t control the content. Your access to your BlogSpot blog could be turned off at any moment. So why invest time and energy into creating some kind of income that’s on such shaky, risky foundations.

Secondly, your results will be far lower – in terms of the traffic you can attract – than a blog hosted on your own domain. For example, if someone sees a BlogSpot blog in the search results it screams ‘amateur’, ‘hobbyist’, ‘non-authoritative’, etc.

So they’re not clicked on as much as other results and slip down the rankings.

Same if you’re trying to promote the blog elsewhere, which presumably you’ll want to do if you want to earn money from it.

In brief, it’s hard for anyone to take you seriously if you don’t take yourself seriously in terms of putting the blog on your own domain.

Thirdly, your scope for making money on a BlogSpot blog is limited – sure, you can earn a bit through AdSense, but you’ll find your ability to make money in other ways severely hampered by being on BlogSpot.

So, if you’re serious about earning money from blogging (rather than taking the hard route of trying to earn money from BlogSpot), then start with the proper foundation.

It takes a very little investment to get your own domain, some basic hosting, and a basic WordPress blog. It’s going to cost less than a modest night out.

With that out of the way…

How To Really Earn Money Blogging

While much of the advice you hear will involve simply sticking ads on your blog, it’s the wrong approach.

Others will advise making money as an affiliate. Again, wrong approach. For example, check out the following Quora answer:

In brief, the amount you can earn is tiny compared to approaching it more effectively.

“Selling ads is attractive because it’s passive income, but you can usually make 3-10X more money using the same ad space to sell your own products and services…”
Jon Morrow,

Essentially, rather than advertising other people’s products and services, and making them far more than you make yourself, you need to be selling your own.

Here’s the 1–2–3 approach you need:

  1. Publish quality content regularly
  2. Use your content to build an email list
  3. Sell products and services to the people on your email list

In terms of selling products and services on your blog, there are essentially three separate tiers, with the least income on tier 1:

  1. Affiliate income – selling products and services as an affiliate, so essentially earning a commission if someone buys what you’re promoting.
  2. Selling your own products and services – rather than just earning a commission, you control the whole selling process. It’s largely up to you what you earn, in terms of what you sell and how you sell it.
  3. Selling your own products and services with recurring, repeat billing – this often results in a substantial leap in income. Rather than being completely dependent on new sales, you get in, existing customers continue paying for whatever they first signed up to, until they choose to stop. So e.g. access to an online service (including software as a service), a membership site, an offline service, a regular publication,

For more info on the above, this post provides case studies on 10 real life super-successful “big money bloggers”, including the approach they took, problems they faced along the way and the amount they earn (all earn $10,000+ per month).

“Everything I talk about, I learned first hand from my own experience. I did it the hard way. I did it with guts and instinct.”
Mariah Coz,

Some final thoughts:

  1. Be prepared to persevere at the beginning. It can take a lot of time and effort to make it work in the beginning. After the first couple years, things tend to get a lot easier, and income can start growing quickly. Just keep going.
  2. You don’t have to create all the income yourself. You could, for example, accept guest post contributions, or as your income grows, invest in writers to create – or help create – content for you.
  3. Focus on building your list and building your relationship with your subscribers. The larger your list grows and the better your relationship with them, the faster your income will grow.
  4. Use joint venture partnerships to accelerate your blogging success.
  5. Explore and test different ways to monetize your blog’s content. What products and/or services could you sell? Could you introduce any with recurring billing? Can you add new streams of income through affiliate and partnership opportunities?
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