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Good Night Message and Importance of saying Good Night

Good night quotes for girlfriends, boyfriends, family or any other loved ones in your life.

Yesterday my friend had a fight with her boyfriend. Can you guess what was the reason? You won’t believe, she had a fight just because he forgot to send her Good Night Message. Don’t you think it’s stupid? Me too. So I asked her why is she making an issue of such a simple thing. Then she explained to me it’s not about the message it’s about feelings. She said, reading Good Night Message from her boyfriend every night makes her happy and this simple text reduces her all days worries, stress and completes her day.

It made me think about is wishing in the night really important? At my home, we didn’t have this culture of wishing Good Morning or Good Night. But when I shifted to another city for a job, my morning was starting with my parents good morning call and they used the end with their good night calls. Sometimes because of a busy schedule, I was unable to attend their calls but every day there was a Good Morning and Good Night Message in my inbox and seeing a message from my parents really made me feel that I am not alone and how much they love me.

Sending a Good Night Message to your loved one is the best way to show them that they are the last thing on your mind. After reading a message from their dear ones will make them smile and sleep with peace and wake up next morning to feel relaxed and refreshed.

In fact at the end of the day, after coming from office or doing regular work, people get tired. You should simply text your friends and loved ones a nice Good Night Message. One more thing, never forget to wish good morning or good night to your boyfriend or girlfriend, otherwise be ready to handle their tantrums.


Below are the Best Good Night Message:

The true secret of having a deep sleep is to dare and dream big for the next morning. The secret of living a happy life is waking up in the morning and chasing those dreams, and then dreaming all over again at night. This is the circle of success. Good night.

Dreams are the best part of life; if you miss sleep you missed the best part of your life. Now go to the bed and catch the good dreams.

Goodnight everybody. Hopefully I don’t have another dream with Lady Gaga and Britney Spears because that was awkward.

That awkward moment when Frank creeps into the girls shower room to say goodnight!

It’s been a long day and I just said goodnight to the love of my life. I’ll catch you all on the flip side! Sleep well baby! I love you and have sweet dreams about me.

Love is unpredictable. Love is painful. Love is weird. Love is new. Love is strange. Love is wonderful. Love is a beautiful. But love is love and it doesn’t matter with whom you share it with or how you share it. I love you, you are mine<3 goodnight.

That awkward moment when you lied to armed robbers that you had no cell phone. All of a sudden, your phone rings… Don’t believe the lies look me in my eyes! Say your last prayer! Haha good night guys!

That is an awkward moment when your friends are so far gone that they don’t even know how to go to sleep and with that they said, goodnight.

That is an awkward moment when your friends are so far gone that they don’t even know how to go to sleep and with that they said, goodnight.

When you stop smoking weed you get some really weird crazy dreams that seem so real. Goodnight folks lets see what happens tonight in the dreamland!

I just woke up from a scary dream about you. Soon as it passes ill go back to sleep. Just got to think of something good and peaceful so the monster won’t chase you again… good night my friend!

It is commonly said that the rest is sweat after work. Tonight, I wish you sweet dreams & refreshing night in your spirit, soul & body.

I pray that every blessing, wealth, favor, Thanksgiving, smile, dancing, sound health, and happiness will never end in how life this year 2017, Amen, good night and sweet dream.

I may be just as sweet and kind as if I were a dream but when someone hurts me even the devil himself he trembles in fear upon hearing my name, goodnight.

Hey, everyone! Is there a certain Super Bowl snack you make every year? Mine is something I like to call a ‘sweet bomb’. It is two scoops of coffee ice cream with Swiss miss triple chocolate dream pudding on top and cool whip on top of that! Catch and taste my sweet bomb in your sweet dreams, goodnight.

Beautiful imagination: Sweet dream people of this world. So turn off Facebook and go to bed, close your eyes and enjoy my company in dreams or nightmares.

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There is only one thing in this world that I 100% without a doubt do not dream about. It’s tearing in your eyes.

We were so blessed this evening, it defies description. The presence of God was palpable from very early this morning and God blessed us with His Kingdom presence.

You are my star, your eyes as blue as the sky, my heart like you every second. You’re the best in this world, your lips are so sweet, your hairs are so soft and your love makes me rich. I love you, your melody is in my heart and my heart is only for you.

You inspire me to be better everyday. Your special love and care for me make you more important for my life. I love you more today than I did years ago for all of that and more. I love you and pray this beautiful evening and sunset may bring a lot of joy in your life.

It’s interesting to note that, although I want to change my thinking and I want to leave my comfort zone, there are some things that I may never be able to change and that is your love. Good evening my lovely girlfriend!

What you do for me words could not explain but if you did not come into my life, I know I would not be here today. You get more and more beautiful everyday and when I’m not with you I miss you and when I’m with you I am complete. Good night my love!

You are disciplined and courageous truly bold and steadfast. Above this all, you are a godly woman who is not self seeking but will always put others before herself. What an amazing women, blessed among woman. You are prophetic in nature, wise by divine imputation. You are my wife! I love you. Good night my love!

“The night breeze is blowing through my hair and the soft touch reminds me of your kisses. I wish I didn’t have to miss you this much.”

“Nighttime brings you dreams of castles in the air and big goals for the future. Rest tonight and allow dreams of the future to wash over your mind.”

“There is something that is big, warm and fuzzy. Before you get too many ideas, you should know that it is a good night hug sent from me to you!”

“All I wish a sheet of clouds for your bed and bright crystals for the stars. While you sleep, may the angels play sweet songs that bring you bright dreams.”

“As you fall asleep, I want you to remember what a good person you are. Remember that I admire you and care for you. Sweet dreams!”

“Good night, good night! Parting is such sweet sorrow, that I shall say good night till it be morrow.”

“Black Sky With Solo Moon With Millions Of Stars Brings you a Silent Hours To Take A Nice Rest Enjoy Whole Night With Sweet Dreams”

“Night is to see the dreams and day is to make them true. So its good to sleep now and see the dreams. Good Night, Sweet Dreams!”

“Since your eyes are looking tired, let your eye lashes hug each other for few hours, happy journey into the world of dreams, good night.”

“Wonderful Air! Beautiful Moon! Shining Stars! Excellent Dream! They all are waiting in your door with me to say Good Night Sweet Dreams”

“All I wish a sheet of clouds for your bed and bright crystals for the stars. While you sleep, may the angels play sweet songs that bring you bright dreams.”

“Good night my very special friend, I pray you lay in rest, And may tomorrow bring you Much love and happiness. Do not think of me…i m in ur eyes, in ur heart Good Night”

“Hope u wake up with good dreams, a body well rested,a mind aimed at peace n a heart full of hapiness n love… good nite…”

““The darker the night, the brighter the stars, The deeper the grief, the closer is God!””

“”Sleep, my Bella, dream happy dreams, you are the only one who has ever touched my heart, it will forever be yours.”

“I cannot improve on those spoken for many years by a true legend who preceded me at CBS News. He would say, simply, ‘good night, and good luck.'”

“This ones for all the girls that deserve to be treated right. Even if your already asleep it still goes out to you, goodnight.”

“”Sleep that knits up the ravelled sleave of care The death of each day’s life, sore labour’s bath Balm of hurt minds, great nature’s second course, Chief nourisher in life’s feast.”

“Night is longer than day for those who DREAM & day is longer than night for those who make their DREAMS come true. Wish you Good Night & Sweet Dreams!”

“You are the reason why I have sleepless nights. You are the reason why I tend to hold my pillow tight. And you are the reason I can’t sleep without saying goodnight”

“Throw your dreams into the space like a kite, And you do not know what it will bring back, A new Life, A new Friend, A new Love…. Have a sweet dreams….”

“Sleep at night with just as much dedication, as you give to your work at day time. Because your work makes you financially strong, and a good sleep keeps your health well. There is no wealth better than health. Good night!”

“A day is going to end again. It is nice to have a friend like U making my everyday seems to great. Thank you my good friend. Lastly good nite n sweet dreams…”

“Life without sleeping does not exist, day without night is not the blessing, this your time to enjoy GOD’s nature inside of you with your eyes closed.Rosy night.”

“I’ve had enough of you Vegeta! Time to tuck you in and say goodnight!!”

“Your bed is ready to give you a hug, You should be ready to have a rest, And say goodbye to all the stress. Have a good Night!”

“Forget all the worries, Set your mind free, Of all the daily tensions, And what ever going to be tomorrow. Have a good sleep and take a new start. Good Night!”

“Take a deep breath,stand near the window,look at the sky,there will be two stars twinkling brightly,u know, what they are????they are my eyes always taking care of u..good night”

“Dreams are the best part of life. If you miss sleep, you miss the best part of life. So go to bed and catch sweet dreams. Good Night”

“A bed of clouds for U to sleep, Diamond stars as ur bed side lamp, Angels from heaven singing lullabies for U, May usleep peacefully, Good night”

“Night is longer than day for those who DREAM & day is longer than night for those who make their DREAMS come true.”

“Sending you many tender kisses before I fall asleep… Good night my dear… I love you.”

“Look…the moon is calling u …, see the stars r shining for u. hear my heart says: may Allah build for u a castle in heaven and made u eat from its fruits”

“Darkness is everywhere. The birds are back there home. Road are quiet every body is sleeping, but i m not u know y? just wanted 2 say u Good night”

“Real friends are not those who are always around when everything’s almost perfect. They’re the one’s who dig deep when you’re down just to pull you up and say, “”Everything’s gonna be alright..”” Good Night”

Between the million days passed and million days yet to come, There’s only one today and I will never want to let it pass without telling you how much I love you
Have a Good Night. Sleep well.


Good Night messages For Couples:

1. I can’t wait to be in your arms in this wonderful night. I Love you-Good night

2. Between the million days passed and million days yet to come, There’s only one today and I will never want to let it pass without telling you how much I love you…Have a Good Night. Sleep well.

3. Thousands of miles I have walked with you,
There still miles to go. I will always be there with by your side my love.
Missing you my love- Good Night

4. At night when air blows my hairs, I supposed they are your kisses
I feel like melting in your arms and getting lost in your dreams.
I wish you were here with me right now.
Missing you too much my love- Good Night!!

5. There are many of stars in the sky, but I love the ones in your eyes
I wish you shin like those starts. Miss you love.
So I will think about you when go to bed-Good Night!!

6. My dream would come true one day- i wish and want to wake up in your arms
I want you to be the first thing that is see when I wake up in the morning
-till then Good Night!!Love you.

7. I want to come back at my home every night because it is in your arms- Good night. Love you.

8. The day passed like every other days, Sun rose and sets but my world has stopped.
It will move on when I will see your face tomorrow- Good Night!!

9. My pains got a light when I saw your face today and every day I want like that-
Good Night my love!!

10. I miss you love. I want to be there to hold you tightly rather than sending this loving” GOOD NIGHT”!!

11. All of my ways got their destination and all my restlessness got a peace when I saw your face today. You are the light of my life. Good Night My Sweetheart

12. You know I fall asleep by thinking of you and when I wake up I think of you and again I fall asleep. You are never out of my thoughts-Good Night!!

13. Instead of sending you messages like Good night, missing you ,love you I just want to be in front of you and give you a good night kiss you may try – Can you please smile for me once? Smile and go to the world of dreams. I will pray to God that all your dreams may come true. Good night love.

14. Never let your dream go because they are small seeds for where your beautiful tomorrow grows-Have a good dreams tonight. Love you miss you.

15. There was something missing when I went to bed tonight. So, I took my cell phone and sent you a greeting-Good Night!! I love you cutie pie – You complete me.

16. I enjoyed my today by thinking of being with you tomorrow- Good Night!!

17. You have no idea how much I feel good when I think that you are mine and I am all yours-Good Night sweetie!! Love you.

18. Moon can’t shine at night just like that I can’t sleep without wishing you “Good Night” my love.

19. I am sending you a pillow of happy thoughts for sweet dreams and a prayer to protect you always- Good Night my love!!

21. Stop for a moment till my heart get control, every problem coming to me, get fall away if you are with me my love- Good Night!!

22. I don’t hate people as I don’t have time to love the people who love me like u- GN my love!!

23. I was standing at the door thinking about whom I love the most and the one who come in my
Mind was u – Wish you a lovely Good Night my love!!

24. Whenever you get some bored, some sick or if you are a little sad-make yourself understand that you are suffering from lack of vitamin ME- Good Night my love!!

25. Just touch your heart and close your eyes and say- Good Night!!Love you.

26. Moon may not rise, stars may hide but you don’t worry I am here to hold you tight- GN my love!!

27. If there it is possible, then I would make you stay in my heart every morning noon and night – Good Night my love!!

28. Words alone can’t express how I feel for you just give it up and say, you are the light of my life- GN!!

29. It doesn’t matter how big my heart will be but it will only be to love you. Good Night!!

30. Don’t know how rich I will be but i would unable to compare you with my all wealth. Good Night!!
31. Doesn’t matter how busy I will be but I will give all the attentions you so need- Good Night my love!!

32. I’ll have a good night and beautiful dreams tonight because it ended with your words of love – Good Night!!

33. No one will ever care for you as I do. No one can love you as I do. GN my love!!

34. I will be there through for you no matter what. I will stand by your side when nobody else does. Good Night!! Love you.

35. I see the sign in your eyes that you r mine, I am glad to be with you. I want to be yours forever and ever. Goodnight.

36. All of my love, my care will be with you doesn’t matter whether you are awake or sleep- GN my love!! I love you very much.

37. I never want to let u go and always want to be with you, in your arms- Good Night my love!!

38. I are always there in my mind, I think of you every time and gets the reasons to love you more each day- Good Night!!

39. Thank you for everything that you have done for our relationship. Thank you for every time when you make me smile. I love you. Good Night!!

40. You are there in breath of my breaths, you are in my dreams and I can breathe easily when you come in my dreams- Good Night!!

41. The best day for me is the day spends with you. Thank you for loving me so much. Good Night
My love!!

42. It is a wonder for me to have you in my life. You are centre of my life. Good Night Sweetheart.

43. My love start when I saw your face first time and it will grow until i die.GN my love!!

44. You are my entire world. You are my arms when my strength fails. Good Night my love!!

45. You were with me today thanks for making it a special one and thanks for tomorrow in advance- Good Night!!

46. I feel sad the entire day when u don’t meet me and it is awesome for me when u r with me.
Good Night my love.

47. Let make this night pass beautifully because tomorrow in the morning we are going to meet again. GN my love!! Sleep well.

48. Finally the night has come and it is the time when I’m lying on the bed and missing u and just praying for you to come into my dreams. Good Night.

49. Lying on my bed when I see the stars then I think the brighten star I have in my life. And that is you.GN!!

50. I was pessimistic before I met you, you taught me how to love things. You thought me to fall in love with my life, Thank you for being in my life. Good Night.

51. I always remind my time during the day when I was with you and this gives me a great pleasure at night. Good night love.

52. My all pain gets a divine light when I just see your face. Good Night!!

53. Whenever I look at the moon I smile because seeing the moon, I think of you. Good Night Baby!

54. Sorry for not being there to hold you, Sorry for not being there to hug and kiss you but you are always in my mind and in heart.GN!! Miss you. Love you.

55. This text message is a hug to you. Good Night my love. Sleep well

56. I started flirting with you because you were the hottest girl I had ever laid my eyes on. Now I have fallen in love with you because you have the most beautiful heart I have ever felt. I love you.

57. Before I was in a relationship with you, I was suffering from commitment phobia. After being in a relationship with you, I am suffering from an addiction call love. Xo xo

58. I knew I was in love with you when I started waking up every morning dreaming about you. Good night love. Miss you.

59. To survive, humans need air, food and water. I just need your hugs, smiles and kisses. I love you. Miss you very much. Good night love.

60. The only word to describe you is MINE and the only word to describe us, is FOREVER. Good night love.

61. Your love is the only weapon that I need to fight all of life’s battles. Wising you a wonderful sleep my love. Good night. Sleep tight.

62. If you were my Facebook friend, I would check your updates 24/7. If you were in my twitter, I would keep tweeting I Love you constantly. If you were Instagram, I would keep uploading selfies all day long. If you were Pinterest, I would pin my heart on you. Good night love.

63. Your touch does to me what a pebble does, when dropped into the calm waters of a lake. You send ripples through my body and my soul. I love you sweetie. Have a wonderful sleep. Good night.

64. Just like how Instagram is incomplete without those millions pictures, my life is incomplete without you. I love you.

So, what are you waiting for? Touch your lover’s heart today! Send them a cute good night message and let them drift into a good night’s sleep, knowing that you love them.

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