Tips You Should Know Before Buying a Home in Mumbai?

Buying a House in Mumbai

Buying Property in Mumbai is actually a very complex and long Task. I would suggest following these steps: – Find out yourself about what kind of house and location do you want.Then Finalise what kind of Flat do you want it can be a 2BHK, 3 BHK etc depending on your family size and their/your requirements.

Fix up a budget or a maximum amount you want to spend as it is a major decision in buying a home. If you plan on taking a home loan I would like you to please check your financial position for at least the next 5 years as the EMI of home loans is very high.

Now start finding projects that fit your budget and requirements. Even look at the society that you are choosing and the maintenance you need to pay. Please also look at the maintenance staff and the security of the society that you are planning.
Also please look at projects that are both old and new. Then compare them and decide which will be better for your family. If you have to wait for a project that is very good I would suggest waiting for the project.

While allocating funds please keep your CA involved in every transaction you make in order to avoid any legal and tax issues.
Remember and think through what means are u paying. Please ensure that you a small amount of cash and other in the form of a cheque. Also, remember to keep in mind your balance sheet so that you can save Tax.

Congratulations you have made your choice after this.
After all this, you can stay in your new home happily with your family. I hope the advice helps.

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