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Best Wedding Photographers in Mumbai

Wedding Photographers in Mumbai
siddharth sharma wedding photographers in mumbai



Siddharth Sharma is a fine-art photographer currently based in Delhi and Bangalore, India. A computer engineer by profession , he took up photography in 2011 while on work assignment in Philadelphia, US.

He likes to tell stories through photographs by placing them on the edge of reality where the visuals are realistic but hard to believe. Most of his images are photographic interpretations of current events while others are based on leftover memories of his dreams which he documents on a regular basis by drawing sketches .

He is also a fine-art wedding photographer servicing clients all across India and abroad.


best-weddings-photographer-in Mumbai



CandidShutters is an endeavour to fulfil that very motive of photography.

We love telling stories- stories that touch your heart, make you jump with joy, reminiscence those playful banters by your closest friends, stories that make your hearts warm up, stories that bring a smile to your face each moment every day.

CandidShutters is an endeavor to capture all things beautiful. We are a passionate team of wedding photographers and cinematographers that loves to capture and preserve the most beautiful of emotions experienced around.

We believe that weddings are a path defining phase of an individual’s life; the flood of emotions and beautiful memories that a wedding creates is rare, truly overwhelming and heart warming. Hence, weddings serve as a perfect platform for us to satiate our creative juices and allow us a cathartic experience.


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StudioFinearts believes that weddings are one of the greatest expressions of love and life.

With many years of experience in the photography industry, our dynamic StudioFinearts team always brings something fresh and interesting to every shoot.

Our Company is based in Mumbai, India and our wedding photographers have shot destination weddings at Goa, udaipur, Kerala, Jaipur, Hyderabad, pune, mahabaleshwar and we provide service all across the globe.


wedding photographers in mumbai


Monica Moghe

Almost 8 years within the Media Industry helped Monica Moghe to learn and explore the various facets of the     entertainment world. This experience teamed with her penchant for travel led to take up her long-lived passion of photography as a career.

Monica lives in New Delhi and travels across the country and abroad for her work, mainly wedding photography. Having worked with brands & organizations like ELLE, ELLE Decor, Verve, People and BBC gives her a keen eye for aesthetics & attention to detail.


Best Candid Wedding Photographers in Mumbai


Candid Framez

Candid Framez is formed in 2013, by two friends with a same dream and passion – Sandeep Singh Rathod & Salam Salih.

Their equal love for photography and having that special eye for those candid moments in photographs, they banded together and launched CandidFramez.


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